Sending Love Through Balikbayan Box

A balikbayan box is basically a physical expression of the sender’s connection to their loved ones – a way to give and share, despite being far from each other. When sending balikbayan boxes, we want to be certain that our packages are delivered safely. To ensure the secured shipping of your balikbayan boxes, you should work with a reliable cargo shipping company.

Since it’s love month, we would like to share some of our most loved videos on balikbayan boxes. What do they have in common? Ultimately, it’s all about love, and how love is expressed through balikbayan boxes.

Video #1: Pareng Partners: Balikbayan Boxes

This video, produced by ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs and hosted by Anthony Taberna with Jorge Cariño features Anabel Eugenio, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in Hong Kong.  In the midst of all the problems and heartaches from being away from her loved ones, Anabel makes it a point to send all her family’s needs.

However, for most OFWs, it is not really a simple task to fill a box. They usually buy and collect goods for their families, and then try their hardest to fit them all in a balikbayan box. Despite being away from their loved ones, Filipino migrant workers endure all the hardships just to support their families back home. In a way, it is quite endearing when Filipinos send balikbayan boxes to stay connected to their families and make them feel their love.

Many Filipinos who have loved ones working abroad excitedly anticipate balikbayan boxes. Overseas Filipino Workers ship their boxes to the Philippines as early as September so that their “pasalubongs” will be received by their family just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Video #2: Balikbayan Box (Pinoy Wrecking Ball Parody)

Mikey Bustos’ “Balikbayan Box (Pinoy Wrecking Ball Parody)” is a very humorous way to let people have a glimpse of how we, as Filipinos, love to receive balikbayan boxes from our loved ones working abroad. The Filipino singer and comedian, born and raised in Canada, did a splendid job with his hilarious parody of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” with funny lyrics. It is a clever way to inform people of the general reaction of Filipinos when receiving a balikbayan box full of various “pasalubongs”, whether they be goods that are essential or just plain unnecessary. Watch the music video and get absolutely entertained!

Video #3: Tip on how to pack your Balikbayan Box (Tutorial) From DaNoy Logistics

From whimsical down to outright informational. This third video is a how-to video tutorial on tips to properly pack and secure your balikbayan box created by DaNoy Logistics, A Denmark based logistics company catering to Filipinos living in this Scandinavian country. When sending a balikbayan box, you would obviously want your package to reach its destination so that your loved ones will enjoy your “pasalubong”. To ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your surprise goodies, they created a video so you won’t miss a thing.

Video #4: MetroBox Cargo | Balikbayan Freight Forwarding Services

Metro Box Cargo offers door-to-door services for all your balikbayan needs — from balikbayan boxes, to special cargo shipments, and container or vehicle shipments for returning residents. Visit Metro Box Cargo’s select branches to send care packages from the USA to the Philippines.

Metro Box Cargo lives up to its tagline, “Serbisyong Totoo, Padala Mo Sigurado”, making sure their door-to-door services are up to par and your packages are secured and delivered properly.

For more information on Metro Box Cargo’s services, you can call their toll free number at 1-855-355-6387.

There you go, our top 4 favorite balikbayan box videos. Sending Filipino love from all over the world. Watch out for our very own video which we will be launching soon.

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