Fastpak Express Australia Pty Ltd is open once again for business and is now expanding Australia wide! We started this business in 1999 and took a short break, but now we are back — definitely bigger and better!

We introduce to you the FASTBOXPH system! We guarantee you that your balikbayan boxes will be safely and quickly shipped to the Philippines!

Serbisyong walang katulad!

For SEA Cargo, we ship every week.  We load our container on Friday and is loaded unto the vessel the set sails either on a Sunday or Monday.  For AIR Ship
we send twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday.  

Effective April we will start collecting boxes for all our WA kababayans. On our preliminary run, boxes will be securely stowed in our WA depot until it is safely transported to in our depot in Melbourne, which then sails to the Philippines out of Port Melbourne.

In May 2019 — we will be shipping out of Port of Brisbane so good news to all our kababayans in QLD. The result your balikbayan boxes will get to your loved ones much quicker and prices to send will come down. 





Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before reaching out to us to save your time and effort. If nothing on the list satisfies you, message us or give us a call.

What items are NOT allowed to be sent through balikbayan boxes?

currencies, checks, money orders and traveller’s checks; jewelries; firearms, ammunitions and explosives; prohibited drugs and other substances; pornographic materials, gambling cards and toy guns; pirated products i.e. DVD, CD; items of commercial quantity; plant seeds and plant materials, and any food stuff that are not in cans, sealed packages, or in bottles

Are there any places in the Philippines that you can't ship to?

Only a very few. These mainly include hard to reach areas that can not be reach. Contact us if you have any doubts.

What is the best tape to use to wrap the balikbayan boxes with?

Clear or tan colored 3mil thick tape is the best. They hardly warped or come undone. We don't recommned cloth tape or duct tape. Over the seam of the boxes where the edges connect on top of the Balikbayan Box, we do recommend you apply black or dark tape so that your items can not be seen.

Why can't I ship auto engine or motorcyle parts?

Due to customs regulations and rules. Engine internal parts and motorcyle parts cannot be shipped to the Philippines. When the boxes arrive at the central port in Manila, they are scanned for contraband and illegal or hazardous items. When one is found, it jeopardizes the entire shipment and will delay the entire shipment and can lead to the boxes being opened by custom agents to inspect for possible contraband or illegal items. Please don't delay the entire shipment of everyone else because you wanted to send your cousin a piston or camshaft or engine block.

Can I ship tools like for the home and cars?

Yes absolutely! Most Filipinos do. We do not recommend and highly discourage you from sending tools that are of high value via SEA Cargo. Remember these are Balikbayan Boxes sent via SEA CARGO, while they are handled as carefully as possible, they are loaded on top of each other, compressing Electric equipment, especially fragile ones are not the best time to try out how tough they are. We will guarantee the delivery, but if your electric items do not function, we will not be held liable.

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